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Double-Sided Tapes

$10.17 $10.17

Two adhesive surfaces that hold firmly to any smooth surface
and release at a touch. Can be used instead of liquid glue for
temporary mounting. Ideal for mounting repro films where
lack of space precludes use of normal adhesive tapes. 1" width
is recommended for attaching VYCO board covers. 25 feet rolls
are boxed and 36-yard rolls are shrink-wrapped.

N° 2400-C   1" 25 feet
N° 2400       ½'' 36 yards
N° 2400-A   ¾" 36 yards
N° 2400-B   1" 36 yards

N° 2400CD
Double-Sided Tape Display
This attractive display holds 24 boxes of the 2400-C Double-Sided Tape.
Size: 10'w × 9½"h x 7¼".

Size: 1in x 25ft