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White Vinyl Eraser

White Vinyl Eraser

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  • Easy to Use - Exactly what an artists, student, crafter, or hobbyist needs for high-quality erasing. It can be used as a basic drafting or drawing instrument for both projects and artwork.
  • Ergonomic Design - Designed with a shape that is both easy to hold and use, allowing for erasing even fine details from different angles.
  • Multi-Pack - Comes with 12 premium jumbo erasers so you can have a consistent experience and ease of use for many projects to come.
  • Safe Use - Both Phthalate, PVC, and latex-free, great for users that have sensitive skin or other plastic-related allergies.
  • Premium Quality - Made from premium, flexible plastic, these erasers are long lasting and will minimize smudges and erasing mistakes on projects.

Proudly Made in China

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