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Are you interested in becoming an Authorized Alvin Retailer to get exclusive discounts, net terms, and freight breaks? Follow the instructions below:
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  1. Complete this: Prospective Authorized Retailer Questionnaire and we'll be in touch within 5 business days. We are accepting applications from brick and mortar stores in North America, as well as specialty online retailers with stand alone shops. Anyone selling on a third party platform is prohibited from applying. We look forward to partnering with you.


Current Authorized Retailers: 
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  1. Click "Sign In"
  2. Click "Create account" and use your primary email that we would have on file. Our system will automatically recognize you as an authorized retailer. If you prefer to log in with a different email address, please let us know.
  3. Check your email to verify your email address and activate your account. Make sure not to skip this step!
  4. You're all set and ready to place your next order! You should see exclusive discounts once logged into your account. If you do not, please contact support at sales@ascendantbrands.com


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    Questions & Answers:

    Do you have a digital print catalog?

    Yes, click here.

    If we had an Alvin wholesale account, will that transfer?

    No, all previous accounts have been retired. We are accepting new applications for wholesale accounts.

    Will we still have the same discounts?

    We have new simplified discount tiers. No more codes, catalogs, gimmicks or games. Simple everyday great discounts.  None of the historic discounts or programs will be continued to the new account. 

    Will our wholesale account have free shipping?

    Yes, free shipping will be available to all tiers when an order minimum of $500 is met.​

    Will terms be available? Will they be the same as we used to have.

    Yes, if you qualify for terms they will be available, and the old terms are null and void.

    We sell online on a third party platform, can we open an account?

    To maintain the integrity of our pricing and protect all of our authorized retail partners, third party platform selling (Amazon, eBay, Walmart.com, etc.) is prohibited. Alvin will be monitoring these platforms and selling on them will be a violation of our agreement.

    Do you have stock?

    We do have stock of most of the line. Like most companies the Covid-19 pandemic and unusually high consumer demand have put some kinks in the supply chain. Luckily we ordered early and have stock ready to ship. 

    Will our order ship from Connecticut or Texas?

    All order will ship from the beautiful state of Utah. Boxes will be full of fresh mountain air at no additional charge.​

    Do you still distribute other suppliers products?

    The distribution business has been closed. We are only distributors of the Alvin brand.

    What happened to the furniture line?

    The furniture line has been retired, along with Heritage Arts. Prestige portfolios will return in 2022.​

    How do we apply for an account invitation?

    If you haven't received an invite to return as an authorized Alvin retailer, you can always apply for an invitation. Email sales@ascendantbrands.com to get started.

    Who owns Alvin now?

    When the Shoham family retired from Alvin, they turned the reigns over to Ascendant. The Ascendant team based in Utah are the stewards of many quality brands. We are also very excited to bring Alvin back to prominence in the drawing, drafting and design category.