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Learn about the different kinds of papers used in drafting. We will discuss the different types and the things to consider when choosing the paper you want to use in your drafts and drawings.

Master how to read architect and engineer scales. We will discuss the differences between the two, how to use them, and how to choose the right scale for your project.

Discover everything you need to know about using a straightedge. We will discuss the importance of straight and clear lines in your drawings while drafting and drawing.

We discuss the different options when it comes to writing tools for drafting. You'll learn about mechanical pencils, lead holders, and graphite pencils and using a writing tool to draw and draft by hand.

Learn about the different tools used when making models in your architectural and engineering designs. We'll cover cutting mats, cutting knifes, and cutting materials.

Understand how to use a lettering guide, also called the Ames Lettering Guide. This guide will help you create consistent guide lines when doing hand lettering.

Discover everything you need to know about french curves and how to you a french curve like a drafter.

Learn everything you need to know about compasses and how to you a drawing compass like a drafter.

Join architect Doug Patt, from How to Architect, as we take a look at the wonderful world of drafting tools. We'll learn about many different tools used in drafting.

Prepare to be amazed as Niz, the master of stencil and spray paint art, pushes the boundaries of creativity with Alvin Cutting Mats - transforming them into unexpected tools for mesmerizing artwork.

Site Planning: Explore the meticulous art of site planning with Eric Arneson, where strategic vision meets architectural finesse to shape breathtaking landscapes.

Line Drawing: Embark on an artistic odyssey as Eric Arneson unravels the intricacies of line drawing, laying the foundation for visually captivating and harmonious architectural landscapes.

Marker Rendering: Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of marker rendering under the expert guidance of Eric Arneson, as he breathes life into landscapes with skillful color application.

Tree Rendering Part 1: Learn essential techniques from Eric Arneson for bringing trees to life in your artwork, enhancing the beauty of your rendering.

Tree Rendering Part 2: Build upon your tree rendering skills with advanced methods demonstrated by Eric Arneson, adding depth and character to your rendering.

Wood Deck Rendering: Eric Arneson reveals insightful techniques for rendering wood decks, bringing warmth and architectural charm to your creative compositions.

Sketching Tools: Eric Arneson reveals the essential sketching tools, providing insights, and expert advice to enhance your creative journey in the landscape architecture realm.

Learn more about the secret artist, Mab Graves, and her passion for Alvin tools. Get a sneak peak into how the limited edition signature series Draft/Matic pencil was created.

Mastering the art of cylinders: Explore the three-dimensional world of sketching with Reid Schlegel as he unveils the secrets behind creating captivating cylindrical forms.

Concentric circles: Join Reid Schlegel as he takes you on a journey through the world of concentric circles, where harmony and balance come to life on the page.

Line weight: The secret ingredient to captivating sketches. Join Reid Schlegel as he dives into the nuances of line weight, unleashing the power of bold and delicate strokes.

Perspective is king: Reid Schlegel unravels the mysteries of perspective, transforming your sketches into illusions of depth and dimension.

All about lines: Join Reid Schlegel in this artistic exploration, where he delves into lines, from crisp and clean to wild and expressive.

Setting a solid foundation: Reid Schlegel guides you through the essential steps of building a strong artistic foundation, equipping you with the skills to bring your sketches to life.

Contrast is key: Discover the world of light and shadow with Reid Schlegel, where contrasting elements collide, adding depth and detail to your sketches.

Devil is in the details: Reid Schlegel uncovers the importance of attention to detail, elevating your sketches to a new level of realism and visual impact.

Sketching tools: Join Reid Schlegel as he unveils his arsenal of sketching tools, helping you choose the perfect weapon for your artistic endeavors.

The ideation process: Dive into the creative mind of Reid Schlegel as he shares his insights on the ideation process, inspiring you to unleash your imagination and bring your sketches to life.

Watch and learn all about the basics of using your Alvin Portable Parallel Straightedge Board.

Learn how to replace the wire on your Alvin Parallel Straightedge Board with this step-by-step video example.

Learn how to make bigger adjustments to your Alvin Parallel Straightedge Board.

This video will show you how to move and fine-tune your Alvin & Company Portable Parallel Straightedge Board (PXB) blade.

Discover the Alvin 6" Professional Speed Bow Compass, designed for accurate and swift measurements with effortless control.

Want to know what the differences are between Mechanical Pencils and Lead Holders? Don't even know what a Lead Holder is? We'll tell you about both and which you would want to use for a few different situations.

Introductory 6" Bow Compass/Divider: Your go-to tool for precise measurements and versatile drawing capabilities. Perfect for geometry class, drafting, architectural design, construction, or engineering.

Circles and Ellipses Templates: Milled for precision, durable, with a variety of shapes, our templates make your work cleaner and quicker.

Explore our collection of Alvin drafting tools and supplies. From precision compasses to drafting pencils and rulers, we showcase a diverse range of high-quality instruments tailored to elevate your creative journey. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding artist, our selection is designed to meet your every drafting need.