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Architects & Builders Template

Architects & Builders Template

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  • Builders Template - Architect and Builders architecture drawing template contains drawing symbols for circles, rectangles, lavatory and kitchen fixtures, roof pitch index, tile layout gauge, door swings, floor elevation indicator and electrical symbols, and more.
  • Transparent Plastic - Made from transparent plastic. The rate of transparency allows to see the drawing medium below template for easy positioning.
  • Ideal For Students And Professionals - This template is great for architects builders, interior designers, engineers, students, design colleges, great assistant to make any presentation professional neat and accurate.
  • Precise Stencil - This precision templates are robust and non warping, with nicely formed, true-to-standards symbols selected for the most varied applications.
  • A Professional's Choice - Alvin has been the professional's choice for drafting tools and drawing supplies for over half a century. Since 1950, we have brought quality and value to our customers.

Proudly Made in China

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