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6" Basic Bow Pencil Compass w/ Divider

6" Basic Bow Pencil Compass w/ Divider

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  • Easily Adjustable - This 6" inch compass comes with interchangeable pen, pencil and divider parts that switch out effortlessly. Designed with a fiberglass ring head and pivot design for smooth, firm adjustment.
  • Ideal for Students - Perfectly useful for all levels, whether for geometry class, drafting, architectural design, construction, or engineering.
  • Premium Quality - Finished in a fine Matte nickel, this tool resists stains and tarnishing. The precise center wheel also adjusts quickly and easily for circles up to 10" inches diameter and the built-in spindle stop prevents any possible overextension.
  • Stays in Place - Designed to perform consistently over time, includes sharpener for lead point to always be able to create precise arcs and circles. Also includes a small container for extra lead, so you have a replacement handy when needed.
  • ALVIN has been the professional's choice for drafting tools and drawing supplies for over half a century. Since 1950, we have been known for our wide selection of high-quality products at a fair price. Our tools help bridge the gap between ideas and innovations.

Proudly Made in Germany

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