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Beam Compass

Beam Compass

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  • Easy to Use - The Channel Beam Bar For Alvin Beam Compass is a functional replacement part that allows the compass to draw circles up to 48 inches in diameter.
  • Precision Design - Spring-loaded thumbwheel on the top of each slide assembly allows for smooth and precise adjustments. Comes complete with interchangeable ruling pen, pencil, and divider legs.
  • Ideal for Students - Perfectly useful for all levels, whether for geometry class, drafting, architectural design, construction, or engineering.
  • Conveniently Packaged - Comes in a hard, see-through plastic case for portability and easy storage and transport.
  • Premium Quality - Made in Germany, each tool is constructed with heavy-duty materials and finish that can resist stains and tarnishing. Ideal for long-lasting use.

Proudly Made in Germany

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