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Portable Parallel Straightedge Board "The Original" PXB

Portable Parallel Straightedge Board "The Original" PXB

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  • Fully assembled and equipped with features that would help you create an accurate drawings and drafts. Made with a white, aluminum straightedge, acrylic blade, and melamine top surface.
  • Brake Mechanism - Straightedge has brake mechanisms on each end for secure, positive locking in any location on the board. Brakes keep straightedge from slipping or jumping if the board is jostled.
  • Use the crystal clear acrylic blade with inking edges underneath and blade clearance with foam board, cutting mats, and many more. Acrylic blade size: 0.12 inches, blade clearance: 0.19 inches.
  • Adjustable Design - Features top-mounted adjustment knobs and folding metal legs to prevent any mid-project interruption or collapse. Particle Board substrate is 0.63" thick for added durability.
  • A Professional's Choice - Founded in 1950, Alvin has been the professional's choice for drafting tools and drawing supplies for more than half a century.

Proudly made in China

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