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Jet-Bow Compass w/ Beam Bar

Jet-Bow Compass w/ Beam Bar

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  • Easy to Use - 6" inch Professional jet bow speed compass with gearhead construction and double break leg design extension beam bar allows circles up to 20" inch in diameter
  • Premium Quality - Made with a matte nickel finish , this German-made academic divider stays in place and will withstand stains and tarnishing. Ideal for long-lasting use.
  • Extra Features - With gearhead construction and double break leg design comes with container of extra led as well as a beam bar for the precise drawing of circles up to 20" inches in diameter.
  • Conveniently Packaged - Comes in a hard, see-through plastic case for portability and easy storage and transport.
  • Multipurpose Tool - Exactly what you need for a number of projects including bisecting angles, constructing geometric shapes, including perpendicular lines, parallel lines, triangles, circles, and pentagons.

Proudly Made in Germany

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