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Paral-Liner Deluxe Mobile Parallel Straightedge

Paral-Liner Deluxe Mobile Parallel Straightedge

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  • Precise Sketching - Quick yet detailed sketching with this Parallel Straightedge Bar. Featuring rollers that retract at a touch, securing the blade for accurate drawing.
  • Smooth Operation - Affords frictionless operation through the floating action of the nylon rollers mounted on the blade.
  • Easy and Ergonomic Use - Acrylic edges are elevated to prevent ink smears while steel ball-bearing pulleys provide smooth, ergonomic movement.
  • Durable Construction - This parallel straightedge features a rigid phenolic construction with a black satin finish for a sleek yet durable ruling.
  • Easy Installation - Each Parallel Straightedge consists of all mounting hardware and easy-to-follow instructions, allowing you to attach it to your own table.

Proudly Made in Poland

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