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SketchTiles Essentials (4-Pack)

SketchTiles Essentials (4-Pack)

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SketchTiles are templates that allows you to create textures and patterns on paper. In this package, you will find four different tiles with a different pattern on each side, in two different scales. To hatch the pattern onto the page, you can use most kinds of pens and pencils.

SKETCHING MADE EASY - To transfer the texture, simply slide the tile under the page and use any common writing instrument on your preferred drawing medium.
QUICK AND ACCURATE - Every Sketchtile is embossed with a texture on each side
which allows you to trace patterns quickly and accurately
The pack holds a set of four double-sided tiles for a total of eight different textures.

THE FOUR ESSENTIALS - Explore new ways to express your creativity using a variety of patterns:
  • Crosshatch
  • Dot Grid
  • Diagonal Lines
  • Hexagons
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