Superflex Plastic Ruler 12"

Superflex Plastic Ruler 12"

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  • A Professional's Choice - Alvin Has Been The Professional's Choice For Drafting Tools And Drawing Supplies For Over Half A Century. We Are Known For Our Wide Selection Of High Quality Tools At A Fair Price
  • Indestructible Design - This Super Pliable Ruler Is Virtually Indestructible. It Can Be Twisted Or Bent And Always Returns To Its Original Flat Position
  • Durable Plastic Material - Made Of Durable And Flexible Plastic Material That Makes The Ruler Super Flexible
  • Versatile Use - With Its Super Pliable Design, This Ruler Is Great For Measuring Curved Surfaces
  • Available In Different Colors - Available In Assorted Colors With Graduations In 16ths Of An Inch And Millimeters. Can Be Bought Individually Or Pack Of 28 Assorted Colors

Proudly Made in China

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